Driven by technology and globalisation, change will define the 21st century world

with huge implications for businesses and the staff they employ. This scale and pace of change is unprecedented and as it shifts the established economic and cultural boundaries, organisations will have to adapt to operating in new and very different environments. Change may bring opportunities, threats – or both, but it is how a business manages the course of transformation, how it engages and motivates its workforce to work through the experience of change that will determine its future.

In today’s corporate context, change will almost always involve a cultural dimension

– irrespective of whether a business is local or global – as individuals and groups with diverse perspectives, ethics and values are required to work together. Without a clearly defined transition strategy, the impact of change on an organisation and its internal culture can be traumatic and destabilizing.

Whatever the underlying cause of change within an organisation might be, I help to minimize the effects of any disruption through coaching intervention

– Creating tailored programmes that can be focused on an individual, a team, a group or an entire workforce. Working closely with key staff, I coach them as they deal with change, developing and strengthening inter-personnel and inter-organisational relationships, maintaining motivational levels and steering the process of transition towards a successful conclusion.


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