As a professional coach specialising in change management and cultural transition, I work with organisations and individuals, providing one-to-one coaching support, helping to address the complex challenges they face during periods of major transition.

Organisational Change Management

Restructuring an organisation as a result of growth, a merger or downsizing will cause disruption as roles are re-defined and departments re-shaped. During the transition process, I work with staff to take the threat out of change, helping them to deal with a new cultural environment, to take on new responsibilities, work with new colleagues and develop the skills needed to transform the business.

Professional Development

I help individuals to realise their full potential, providing coaching support through constructive conversations that focus on key goals. Through a process of challenging and questioning, I help my clients to identify the steps they must take in order to reach their objectives and to recognise the obstacles that may be blocking progress.


Ad hoc coaching conversations can be valuable during challenging times or when specific operational issues arise. SpotCoaching® offers the chance to take advantage of the benefits of coaching with no long-term commitment or obligation. This can be offered as one-off events or as an organisational service providing an on-site coach for specific days who is available for one-off bookings.

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SpotCoaching® for Freelancers

Freelancers make up over a third of the TV industry’s workforce yet they face the biggest obstacles to training, career and leadership development. I provide affordable and flexible on demand coaching support to freelancers in the independent TV and film production workplace.

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Global Talent Management

In a global market place, multi-national companies must continually deploy workers outside of their home countries in order to address mismatches in demand and talent. I support businesses managing global workforces, implementing bespoke programmes to prepare employees for global assignments and/or repatriation after a long period away.

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