SpotCoaching provides demand-led coaching conversations with a professional external coach, available to everyone in an organisation to encourage individual ownership of a positive learning and development culture


In collaboration with an energetic and experienced team of professional coaches we now offer a unique organisational coaching strategy – SpotCoaching in the workplace.

What is it?

SpotCoaching is a cost-effective way to deliver the benefits of confidential professional coaching to everyone in your organisation.

SpotCoaching supports the talent development, diversity and wellbeing strategy in any organisation by making coaching accessible to everyone in the workplace, irrespective of their seniority or pay grade. This innovative and democratic positive learning and development strategy encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own professional development, creating a collaborative culture of engagement across the whole organisation.

Who’s it for?

Everyone – whatever level they’re working at within your company. Our SpotCoaches are professional trained executive coaches with experience of working with clients at all levels of their career development.

How does it work?

The organisation commits to the provision of a maximum number of coaching hours per person, which each individual can access as and when needed, to enhance his or her personal and professional development.

The provision of independent coaching support that is available to everyone in your organisation, demonstrates an organisational commitment to talent development, and encourages individuals to take ownership and personal responsibility for their own professional development by engaging in independent, confidential client-driven coaching conversations.

The aim of SpotCoaching in the workplace is to create a collaborative partnership that supports democratic learning and development throughout the organisation.

What can it be used for?

  • Increasing engagement
  • Supporting a well-being strategy
  • Increasing personal responsibility in learning and development
  • Enhancing self-awareness
  • Improving communication skills
  • Encouraging resilience in dealing with change
  • Promoting pro-active problem solving

What does it deliver?

Research shows that SpotCoaching in the workplace delivers both for the individual and for the organisation:

  • Increased personal responsibility for professional development
  • Greater staff engagement
  • Improved confidence
  • Enhanced resilience
  • Improved communication skills
  • More agile and positive attitude to change

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What are the benefits?

Flexible: Staff can access an independent coach when they most need it

Efficient: No long-term commitment with the danger of wasted sessions

Targeted: Development is directly relevant to the specific job and current challenges

Cost effective: Select the level of service appropriate to your organisation

Independent: Sensitive issues can be discussed without compromising relationships

SpotCoaching allows you to:

  • Provide visible support to staff in challenging times
  • Support any organisational well-being initiatives
  • Demonstrate commitment to staff support and development
  • Encourage engagement and commitment with personal development
  • Gather data on organisational themes to enable effective decision-making

What we can provide:

  • Initial set up consultancy
  • Support with scheme launch
  • Scheme administration
  • Specialist SpotCoaches as required
  • Assessment Centre to help select suitable coaches
  • On-going themes collection and reporting
  • Scheme evaluation

Call for a chat to see whether SpotCoaching is the right fit for your company.

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