SpotCoaching® for Freelancers


Working with Wendy has been one of my very best career moves. She has the most extraordinary ability to help you crystallise key issues and the action points needed to move you closer to the work life you seek


Freelancer – Film and TV Production


I provide affordable and flexible on-demand coaching support to freelancers in the independent TV and film production workplace.

What is it?

As a freelancer you are frequently expected to hit the ground running when starting new projects, to make successive and rapid transitions into a variety of different workplace environments and to function within complex, project-based teams. You must also be able to manage relationships in a stressful, time sensitive arena where fostering creativity within budgets is a priority.

SpotCoaching provides freelancers with affordable access to the support you need when you need it – whether you are taking on a new role, in the middle of a particularly critical and stressful assignment, or at the end of one job and moving on to a new project or leadership role.

A 90-minute one-to-one coaching conversation gives you time out to think. It also offers you the tools to adapt to change, to problem solve, to manage difficult situations, career progression and much more. Crucially it also supports your mental health and wellbeing during times of stress and deadlines.

How does it work?

SpotCoaching for freelancers provides you with access to coaching support as and when needed. You can either book a one-to-one 90-minute SpotCoaching session or buy a discounted package of 3 sessions (purchased in advance to use at any time within 18 months).

What does it deliver?

SpotCoaching for freelancers delivers affordable, flexible and timely personal and professional development support for independent workers.

Call for a chat to find out more about Spot-Coaching for freelancers or to make a booking.

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